Wednesday, May 13, 2015

All in a Week's Work

Sometimes, when I look at what I do, I am both amazed and befuddled by it. 

Because I work for a company that offers editing services to anyone who will pay for them, we get some strange things that need to be edited. And, if not strange, then at least incredibly diverse. 

In the past week, I've worked on a piece about dealing with the effects of chemotherapy, a novel that questions both art and religion, and a how-to manual for heterosexual men trying to "pleasure" their partners. 

I can only imagine what my Internet search history looked like by the time I was done, considering how many things I had to verify. 

I'm just glad that no one walked up behind me while I had any of the images (yes, the latter of the three had illustrations) on my screen. And I'm even happier that I didn't accidentally send the wrong critique to anyone...

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