Monday, May 25, 2015

Bac'n and Birthday Bargains

bac'n /bayk-n/ - the junkmail you get in your email inbox that you sort of asked for, but that isn't really personal, such as notices from stores you shop at, or coupons from restaurants.

I'm coming up on my birthday this week, and so my inbox is pretty much flooded with bargain-filled bac'n. This happens every year, and so it's not a surprise. In fact, I've kind of come to count on it.

This year I even plan to plan part of my birthday around some of that bac'n, because if people want to give me free stuff on my birthday, who am I to complain?

I've got emails offering me money off at some stores, and free food at a couple of restaurants (honestly, I'm considering hitting up one restaurant with a coupon that has to be used for "dine-in" and another for take-out - both for lunch).

Yes, I'm also hoping for cake that day, and probably some actual food, but - at least in a case like this - things really can be better with bac'n.

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