Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snowy Day

We had about 4 inches of snow between yesterday afternoon and this morning. I almost have to say that I like it, because if it's going to be as cold as it's been (about 10 degrees below average this week), it might as well be pretty out. Basically, that's the same way I feel in November and December, but this time of year it's good to have the visual reminder that I'll need a coat and hat when I go out the door. 

I'm also happy that it snowed a decent amount because I got to use the snow blower, which I bought gas for after the last storm. Not a big deal (only about a gallon or so), but I already mixed in the oil that the snow blower requires, and I don't want to have to store it over the summer in the garage. So today I was actually excited when the snow blower ran out of gas as I was clearing the front walk. 

Of course, I was even more excited that Christopher made us a breakfast of peppered bacon and cheddar cheese omelettes (and he actually does the "rolled" version of an omelette, where I just scramble everything). The bacon is some amazing stuff that we've found at our favorite little niche gourmet store, The Golden Fig, in St. Paul. It's a fairly thick-cut bacon with serious amounts of black pepper on the edges. Served with the creaminess of the cheesy omelette and a large glass of cold milk, this was a great way to face the day.

Alright, so no one will accuse us of having a healthy breakfast, obviously, but with the weather and the snow clearing and house cleaning... well... sometimes you deserve it, right?

(I should mention that the Paperwhites are beginning to pop. By tomorrow - Monday at the latest - I should have more photos!)

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