Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Paper(whites)

Alright, I fully realize that we're coming to the end of the interest in the Paperwhites, but as this is a Sunday evening, I've got The Amazing Race to watch, and the Oscars to watch (when I'm not watching The Amazing Race), so I'm opting for more flower photos. 

And, really, it's been a huge change in the past 2 days, so it IS kind of fun.

Here is the bowl of Paperwhites yesterday:

And here it is today:

Can you believe so much change happened in one day? The bowl actually sits under a chandelier, and the flowers truly changed over the course of about 6 hours yesterday evening. Nature can be kind of amazing.

Oh. And I got this great close-up of the single stem coming up out of the vase:

I now return you to your regularly-scheduled nail-biting. 

Or -- if you're having a calm and quiet Sunday evening, I now leave you so that I can return to my regularly-scheduled nail-biting...

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