Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going to the East Side

Alright, so going to the East side of the country isn't all that major when it simply means a drive across the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to St. Paul, but Christopher and I just got back from dinner at one of our favorite pizza places: Grandpa Tony's on Snelling (I'd link to a website, but I can't find one...?).

It's a small place, and when I lived closer to it I would order delivery pizza from there instead of going to eat in. But since we were driving past it tonight, we just stopped in for dinner. 

The only waitress we saw for the evening was named Michelle (or at least that's what I think the receipt said on it), and she was great. Very friendly, but also quick and efficient. We were their first seated table for the night, but she handled the other two tables (both families) as quickly as she had dealt with us. 

And the pizza... well... it's AMAZING. Maybe a tad greasy--not dripping, just a little greasier than I would usually choose. That is the only bad thing I could ever say about it. It also has a perfect amount of cheese, a just-slightly-spicy tomato sauce, and even on our "regular" pepperoni pizza, there was more pepperoni than you usually get on a pizza when you order double pepperoni. And the crust... Oh... The crust... It's cracker-thin, and the edges kind of flake apart if you're not careful. (Apparently they do other crust styles, but the thin is SO good I can't imagine trying one of the others!)

We ordered a large and packed up less than a quarter of it to bring home with us. 

Definitely worth travelling "East" for!

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