Monday, July 2, 2012

Movie Monday - Dudley Sings

As many of you know, "The Wizard of Oz" has been a lot of things, along with being multiple movies. Today's post, though, focuses on a stage production of the show. Or, rather, it focuses on a very specific player in one stage production of the show.

A friend of mine out in Maryland works at Toby's "The Dinner Theater of Columbia," and her dog had the supporting role of Toto in their production. I've been hearing about this online for a while, but haven't really paid too much attention. Until she posted a video from curtain call of one of the final shows.

It seems that Toto (played by Dudley) just couldn't hold back during the finale and had to sing along. This may have shocked some of the folks behind the scenes, but the audiences seemed to love it (you can hear it in the video), and although I'm not usually partial to the "cute animal" videos everyone always shows online, this one makes me very happy to see. (Yes, I've watched it multiple times.)

Here's the link to the video: . (If you want to share it, you can either have people check out my blog, or just send them that link.)

May it offer you a moment of peace beyond the rain - be it literal or metaphorical - of your Monday.

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Robin said...

This was so fun! I like how the other cast members react to Dudley's singing...