Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Too Hot Tuesday

Yes, I know that it's hot pretty much everywhere in North America.

Yes, I know that I'm lucky to have somewhere to get away from the heat - my car, my office, our house.

Yes, I know that it's hot every summer.

So why is it driving everyone so crazy this year?

Apparently the weird weather is around because of a massive high pressure system that's not moving from the middle of the country, causing the heat to stay around and not go anywhere.

And my thought is that the atmospheric pressure is causing mental pressure to pretty much everyone in this part of the world.

All I know for sure is that, on my afternoon walk with the pup today, I actually started thinking "Wow, November is going to feel good."

Granted, I didn't go so far as to say that January would be good, but give us another week of temps a good 10 to 15 degrees above average with almost no rain, and I might even start daydreaming about January.

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