Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Sack of Beans

Someone at my work, it was announced today, is leaving the company and going to work for a competitor. Well, not really a competitor, as they don't do what most of our company does. But they do do the same things that his division of our company does.

Of course, this was kind of a surprise to most of us because we all have boilerplate "non-compete" clauses in our contracts.

But it seems that the person in question had been approached by the company in question a couple of months ago and then discussions ensued regarding whether or not it would be okay. Since he's going to be doing something mostly different from what his division does, there was some grey area.

At which point, apparently, our boss decided to bargain a little (I'm not entirely sure upon whose behalf). But it seems that, eventually, a deal was struck which included allowing person A to move to company B, as long as company B would throw in a sack of magic beans.

Okay, so the sack of magic beans was actually other compensation - kind of like when some sports team drafts a player based on so much pay and then a random future draft pick or something.

But, well, I kept thinking about "Into the Woods" and how Milky White gets traded for the sack of magic beans. And I kind of wonder what part of this trade is going to result in the giant crushing our house.

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