Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Cuz You Gotta Have Friends

Recently, there seems to be a larger-than-average outpouring of "asks" for money. The foodshelves are as empty as they've been in years. The Arts are losing funding at every turn. We're all tightening belts on a daily basis. 

But if you pay attention to the news, you'll find that - while all of this is going on - people are finding more and more ways to help out their friends and neighbors. Whether it's Ellen Degeneres giving out her own version of stimulus packages on her daily talkshow (by the way, when is that $2000 whirling cashbox going to show up at my door?), or the non-profit Texas-based "Birthday Blessings" group (their website is a slightly over-the-top religious, but even so I like the idea of what they're doing) who are throwing birthday parties for needy kids, apparently there are a few things going right while the economy is debating whether or not to turn around. 

Well, closer to home (where my personal economy continues to stagnate), I've recently been asked to contribute money to two of my cousins who are going to be participating in this year's Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-Day. Or, rather, since they know that I don't have much extra cash these days, they've been including me in their notification emails, reminding all of us that moral support is just as important as monetary. 

Originally, Katie was going to be walking alone in memory of my cousin Judy (Katie's mom), but then Kris (Katie's cousin, Judy's niece) decided to join in and walk with her. They've both already begun training for the walk (even though it isn't until August), but they won't be allowed in it unless they raise the requisite minimum funds. Of course, who wants to only raise a minimum? I know they both want to raise as much as possible to help in the battle against Breast Cancer. 

Here's the thing... I know I don't have a lot of readers (Okay. Yes. I know I have a loyal few, but I also know I'm not breaking any records), but if you'd even consider donating to either of my cousins, it would be great. Katie's donation page can be found here (and it includes a picture of Katie with her mom, as well as Katie's own "training" blog). Kris's donation page is here (and... well... she needs to put something on it! ;-).

If you're not able to make any donations at this time (boy, do I know that feeling!), don't worry about it. Or, if you'd rather donate to your local foodshelf, or any of the other gazillion equally worthy causes out there, that's cool, too. But, if you do decide to donate to Katie and/or Kris... well... that would just be pretty darned nifty.

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