Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fair is Fair

It's been a while, I think, since I've rambled on about The Amazing Race, but tonight they did something which deserves comment.

I have always held to one major reason why I watch this competition show instead of so many others: the fact that people win or lose based on their own smarts or stupidity. This isn't a show with alliances and back-stabbing. It isn't a show where plotting against other teams makes a big difference. And tonight that point was brought home once again.

One of the teams in tonight's episode tried to make trouble for the other teams by hiding all of the bicycle pumps they could have used to make the next challenge easier. None of the other teams actually noticed this had been done. But the producers did. And the producers quite bluntly slapped the team with a 30-minute penalty for their nefariousness. 

I realize that life doesn't usually work this way, but I do prefer to think that karma works, and that what goes around does -- in fact -- come around. So I'll keep watching The Amazing Race and screaming and yelling when the "wrong" teams are making it to the front of the pack. But as long as they get there under their own power, I guess I'll be okay with it in the end. 

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