Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Toast to Toast

(Yes. I actually wrote that.)

Today's posting comes to us thanks to Christopher. He sent me the following link and it made me very happy. But... Before I send you off to look at someone else's blog, I would like to pass on the news that the toaster is now 100 years old. 

No. Not any specific toaster, although there may be a 100-year-old toaster out there, somewhere. But, in fact, the whole species of appliance known as the toaster is now 100 years old. 

And look at how far they've come. Toasters have gone from metal prongs which broiled one side of a slice of bread at a time, to new models which will actually "brand" a picture into the side of your breakfast. Always doing the same job, but always doing it better than anything else. 

And, really, where would we be without it? Where else would we heat our Pop-tarts? What other brave little appliance would have had his own movie? And what other challenge to weed out the weak in the herd would we have to come up with to replace the "pulling a slice out with a knife" technique?

So, here's a toast to toast - and the toaster from which all of it comes. 

Oh. Right. And here's the link (it'll take you to a site called Gizmodo) I was talking about. Enjoy. 

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