Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paperwhites (Yes. One More Time.)

I know I said the last Paperwhite post would be the last one. But... Having had a conversation with someone just a couple of days ago about the Paperwhites we've been growing, I decided I had to do one more post. 

You see, in the literature I was given about them, I was led to believe that they would grow to about 6 or 8 inches in cool temps, or 8 to 12 in warmer temps. That info also cautioned that if they got tall, they would be unable to hold they're flowers up, and would most likely topple. 

Well... Ours have been growing and growing and growing. Sure, we've had a few times when they seemed about ready to topple (I've got the single one tied to a chopstick, and one day I actually had tied the whole bowl together to prevent some of them from flaring out from the central bunch.) 

But here's the thing -- last weekend, they all perked back up. This is even more amazing considering that the one in the vase was horizontal on Saturday morning, resting on the sofa cushion next to it. As of today, they are each standing about 18 (yes, EIGHTEEN) inches tall. And, as you can see in the pictures, there's no toppling in sight. 

Unfortunately, I noticed today that the blooms are beginning to go down hill. They're beginning to crinkle up and look like they may not have much more energy. But the snow is beginning to melt, and the time change happens this weekend. I think they definitely did their job of getting us through the late winter doldrums. 

It's their turn to rest.

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