Friday, March 13, 2009

Monochromatic March

You know the old Simon & Garfunkel song, where they sing about "Kodachrome"? Sure you do... The line goes something like... "Kodachrome... Give me the nice bright colors..."

Well, having spent yesterday driving across Minnesota into South Dakota (where I'm spending a week with my parents) (And using a keyboard which I'm not used to -- forgive any typos, please), and then -- today -- driving about 35 miles to Yankton, SD, to meet a friend for lunch, I can guarantee you that there is nothing "Kodachromatic" about the colors of the world around here right now.

The primary color is... well... beige. Granted, it's a lot of different colors of beige, but it's all beigely monochromatic. The formerly white snow is covered with sand and grime. The fallow fields, which were golden in the fall, are now faded to... well... golden beige. Even the sky seems to have taken on a beigeness in its blue. 

Beige. Beige. Beige.

On the plus side, however, we noticed on the way home today that there are trees already beginning to gain some weight in their limbs as the buds grow, which means they'll turn a soft green soon. And, of course, the areas where snow is melting are a nice dark brown muddy color -- definitely NOT beige.

So maybe it's not all beige. Just mostly beige. But... wow... spring needs to come soon and put a little color in this area's cheeks. 

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