Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Foibles - Weather-related

Remember how, last weekend, I was talking about the weird weather we were expecting? Well, so far it's living up to the weirdness, if nothing else.

On the up side, the weather has been fairly warm. On the down side, we're getting rain. Yes, rain. It's February 28th, and we're getting rain. A few miles north of here, they're getting snow, but here in the "south metro" we haven't seen snow since late afternoon.

When I walked the dog this afternoon, the sidewalks had spotty snow, but we were getting wet from rain.

When I looked outside just a bit ago, the trees are all coated with ice. They're shining in the streetlights, and we're fine with them - as long as they don't get too heavy and start to hit powerlines.

According to the local weather, there are thunderstorms throughout South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas as we speak; and there was actually a tornado in Nebraska - for the first time in history.

Around here, it usually takes a foot or so of snow before people will decide not to go to work due to weather. But I have to admit that if the rain turns to ice over night, there's no way in the world I'm going to be trying to get my car from here to the freeway.

Sure, that's wimpy from a "hearty midwestern" viewpoint, but I'd rather be a wimp with a working car than a hearty soul with a car in the shop.

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