Thursday, March 1, 2012

Facial Hair Follow-up - Mustaches

About a year and a half ago, I posted about Beards (yes, that's a link to that posting if you want to refresh your memory) - and my opinions of all of the hipsters trying to grow beards and looking, frequently, ridiculous.

While I continue to have mutable facial hair, and Christopher has had a closely-cropped full beard for quite some time, I've been happy to see a lot of the beards that I used to pass in the hallway at work fade away. And, as natural selection - or maybe just good taste - has taken over, the beards I still see seem to be pretty nice.

Friends of ours have great goatees, fantastic full beards, cool close-cropped beards, and the occasional marvelous mustaches. Oh, and we even have a bunch of friends who are clean-shaven. Although how they can do that every day instead of getting the extra five minutes of sleep I will never know.

But the most talk about facial hair I've seen (or heard) in quite a while happened during - and after - the Oscars. It wasn't about Brad Pitt with his goatee (which seems to have almost as much grey in it as mine does - which isn't bad since he is 4 years older than me). It wasn't about some of the random facial hair from audience members and presenters.

It was about Bradley Cooper and his mustache.

And, I gotta say, while a lot of people were kind of unsure about it, some of my friends and I really liked it. It was clean and tidy. It fit his face. And, well, it was on the face of People magazine's sexiest man alive for 2011, which didn't hurt.

If you missed it, here are a couple of shots I found online.

Note: Images were found on a couple of blogs,
without photo credits.
Sorry I can't point you toward the sources.

To me, it seems very old Hollywood. Debonair with the tux.

Not that I want mustaches to become the new facial hair fad and everyone to start showing up with them, but if Bradley keeps showing up with that I know that I certainly won't complain.

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