Saturday, May 26, 2012

Could This Be My Soundtrack?

I found this little video online while doing Florida research.

The video itself is kind of unremarkable (especially since it promises amazing scenery and doesn't really deliver), but the music in the background totally makes up for that in my opinion.

Click HERE to see/hear what I'm talking about.

Who wouldn't want to take a drive down to the Keys with that music playing in the background?

Of course, as Christopher can attest, the music that goes in and out my head is frequently more inspired by whatever I'm seeing or doing at any given time. Which means that, as we drive, I'll probably be hearing this song in my head, instead. (I apologize if it gets stuck in yours.)


Robin said...

Wow! Someone took video of all the keys on their drive down. Unfortunately, it looks a lot like that. But I prefer the wide open views with the ocean on the left and Florida Bay on the right!
Enjoy your week...

Lorry said...

I recognized Elmer's Tune immediately. Second song sounds like a l930's /40's movie soundtrack. Robin is right that really is how the drive looks.
Hope you are having a great time.