Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Follow-up x3

Although the comments are few and far between, I do actually get some comments on here. And, since I'm sure that most of you don't go back and check after reading this, I thought I'd try to point some of the recent ones out.

1) In response to "Before the Travel..." - It seems that the topic of travel planning is important to at least two people. One who says that she needs to do more planning (I'm guessing for the joy of the planning), and one who says she seldom takes trips (possibly because the planning is the joy - not the travel). Either way, Christopher and I are continuing to plan our upcoming vacation. We've got flights and hotels nailed down, and have started a to-do list. We still have to confirm a dog-sitter, though. Hopefully there won't be any "cart-before-the-horse" dilemmas.

2) In response to "Watching the Past Catch Up" - I had two people offer to be recipients of the proposed purple pansies. Of course, since my brain barely makes it from week to week these days, I'll admit up front that I may not remember that in 20 years.

3) Perhaps one of my favorite responses of late was in response to "If It's Not Schadenfreude, What Is It?" That posting got a lot of response - just not very much of it actually on I had a lot of people basically offer to go out and kick the kneecaps of the person I'm frustrated by. Which was a nice show of support, but not exactly an answer to my question. Luckily, I had one friend who did some research and found that a back-formed antonym has been created. Instead of "Schadenfreude" meaning "happiness at the misfortune of others," the new word is "Freudenschade" with a meaning of "unhappiness at the good fortune of others." I'm not sure what made me happier - the idea that someone else came up with a word for what I was feeling, or the fact that a friend of mine went to the work of finding out what that word might be. It almost mitigates the feeling of schadenfreude all by itself. Almost.

Perhaps I should buy some purple pansies and work on more vacation planning. That might make me a little less Schaden, and a little more Freuden.

Or something like that.

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