Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TV Tuesday - The Finales

I'm not going to surprise anyone by admitting that I am a "TV cryer." I get wrapped up in things on TV and the emotions get to me, and I get teary. Once in a while I get a little more than teary. And, since this is - typically - in the privacy of my home, my defenses are usually low enough that the tears manifest.

Sure, in the movies this happens, too. But in a movie theater you're with strangers and so it's not as likely that emotions will truly completely manifest. The same thing can be said for those times when I either see something online or (in very rare occasions) am moved by something I'm reading at work. The emotions will bubble to the surface, but not come out because of the public space.

But then there's being at home, magnified by also watching things typically late in the evening when I'm tired.

This week, it's only Tuesday and I've already dealt with one Series finale ("Desperate Housewives" - which I hadn't even watched much, recently), one Season finale ("Smash"), and one not-even-the-finale-yet ("Glee").

Sunday night "Desperate Housewives" did a great job of wrapping everything up in a bow. And although I haven't been a constant watcher in the past year or so (because I kept having to fight to find it around "Amazing Race"), I was admittedly moved by what they did.

On Monday, the final song from this season of "Smash" gave me goosebumps. Literally. Or it may have been the fact that I was sitting down in the basement and it was chilly. But I think it was the song, because I watched it again this morning and felt the same way.

Tonight... Oy... Two hours of "Glee" back-to-back. They've been hit-or-miss, lately, but both episodes did really well. And the final 20 minutes of the night were great. And, as stupid as it sounds, I'm feeling that angst of not wanting to watch some of the characters graduate in the season finale. Which I fully admit is what they're hoping for, and... you know... I'm okay with that.

So now I'm going to watch an episode of "Doctor Who" from a couple of years ago in which I know that none of the main characters dies. Sure, there's mayhem and an almost-end of the world, but on the scale of things that will bug me when I go to bed, this is definitely going to get me a better night's sleep.

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