Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Travel Tuesday - The Strange Things You Agree To

Yes, we're almost to vacation.

Yes, we've been making lists, checking them thrice, and trying to decide which things we really want to do versus the things we only think might be interesting if we have extra time.

Yes, we're honestly trying to watch our budget, but when you're going on a vacation to somewhere you may never go again - and it's your only vacation of the year because you don't get enough time off to take more than one - you do some silly things.

Like when we were in Las Vegas earlier this year and rented a convertible to drive to Hoover Dam. On a day when the temps were cool enough that we had to have the heat on.

Sometimes you just do strange things when vacation is involved.

For me, I fully admit that I have agreed to do something very strange while we're gone. I'm committing - with no coercion - to getting a massage. And not just my usual 30-minute jobber, but a full hour-long massage.

In part, this stems from the surprise chair massage that we got in the office a week or two ago. The woman who did mine said, as I was leaving "You need to get a full-body massage sometime soon. You're really tight."

It also stems in part from the fact that Christopher loves massages, and there's a spa place just down the block from where we'll be staying. And I didn't want to deprive him. Yep. It's all about the altruism - even on vacation.

So I'll be attempting an hour-long hot stone massage (I totally admit that I've wanted to try the hot stone thing for a while).

I'm sure there will be stories to tell. Hopefully they won't start with "I have a burn mark, and my arm won't move the right way anymore..."

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