Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Third Time's a Charm

You know how I mentioned, the other day, that it has been really rainy?

Well, after a little more than a day of okay weather, it decided to rain again this afternoon. Specifically, it decided to rain as I was on my way to my car after work - which means that I drove home pretty much soaked. But it let up as I got closer to home, and I figured that the pooch and I would have a quite nice walk in the post-rain damp.

Then the rain switched directions. Or it simply kept moving, and just seemed to go a different direction. Or maybe I just hadn't been paying attention to where it was going - like when you're a little kid and you're wearing a blanket as a cape and you don't realize that the back end of it is really wide and is pulling all of your toys along with it as you walk through the dining room.

At any rate, I got home just as it started to rain again. And, as we may have discussed, the pooch doesn't so much like to have wet stuff falling on her. Puddles are fine. Raindrops are not. And she doesn't even break that rule when she's been in the kennel all day and needs to take her constitutional.

Attempt one, right after she got out and started to run around, we made it all the way to the sidewalk on the edge of the yard. She looked at me, and turned around. We got back to the door, and I offered her the dry respite of the planting bed under the eaves. She had nothing of that, so we kept heading inside.

Attempt two, about 20 minutes after attempt one, was after the rain had lessened, but hadn't stopped. She walked outside, headed straight for the closest piece of grass (between the driveway and the gate into the backyard), and did a very quick - but productive - squat. I didn't press my luck, and we came in after that. She had dinner, and... finally... the rain actually stopped.

Attempt three, then, was after the rain had stopped. We actually made it out and did a normal-length walk. And, yes, she finished her business. Twice.

Now, about 3 hours after that final trip, she's finally almost completely dry. The jeans I was wearing are hanging downstairs and still quite damp. Thank God it's supposed to be sunny, tomorrow.

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