Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday, Oreos!

Today, it seems, is the 100th "birthday" of the Oreo cookie.

I fully admit I haven't gone to look up the history of the cookie or anything. I just know that my gut reaction, upon hearing about this, was that I needed to go out and buy some - and eat them - prior to the end of the day.

They've actually come out with a special edition "Birthday Cake" Oreo, and although I considered buying those (and still might), they were almost 1/3 again as expensive as the regular, or golden, or Double Stuf, or spring Oreos.

And then I found that there was a "Dollar off now" coupon attached to the spring Oreos, and that sealed the deal for me. After all, I like spring. Spring Oreos are also seasonal. And, yeah, they were cheaper.

I have not, yet, broken into the package of Oreos, because I've had other things going on this tonight. But they *will* be my nightcap tonight.

In the meantime, if you think it seems like I've written about Oreos before, well, you'd be right. Here's that posting from almost 2.5 years ago. Obviously, I'm a firm believer that as long as the glass of milk is your own, double dunking is totally okay.


Got Milk?

I would like to apologize, in advance, if the following blog posting causes any mental pain or anguish. Or cravings. Or uncontrollable humming. Or midnight shopping trips... (You've been warned...)

Oh Oh Oh Ice Cold Milk and an Oreo Cookie...

I am closing out my Thursday by watching the news and having a glass of milk with some Oreos. Unfortunately, Christopher has already gone to bed, so he won't be able to attest to the fact that I am NOT eating an entire third of the package (as I did when I first opened them). I'm being very good, in fact. My glass of milk is half gone, and I've only had 2 so far.

They forever go together, they're the perfect combination...

I'm not sure what it is about Oreos that does it for me. I like the chocolate. I like the filling (and have been known to eat it before eating the cookie "sides"). And, for the most part, I'm a purist. In fact, up until a few years ago I was known to turn my nose up at the Double Stuf ones -- although I've come to appreciate them, lately.

When a dark, delicious cookie meets an icy cold sensation...

And, yet, I'm not a big fan of the various flavors of them. I've tried the mint ones (fine, but not as good as Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies). I've tried the peanut butter ones (if they show up in your area, don't try them). The ones with the coffee flavoring aren't bad, but they just don't taste like Oreos. And, as for all of those seasonal ones with the colored filling... well... they're fine (especially after the holiday when they go on sale), but I do think they taste different.

Like the one and only creamy crunchy choc-o-late O-R-E-O...

So here I sit, with my glass of milk, dunking my cookies. And, to make sure they get plenty of milk, occasionally dropping one in (okay, I'm up to 4, now, for the evening) to let it float on top until it's fully saturated. Then, when you pick the cookie back out of the glass, the logo on the cookie stand out in relief against the white milk that is trapped in the crevices. Yum. Does it get any better than that?

(Keeps your milk from getting lonely)

** Stormy sidenote ** I feel that, before I sign off, I should comment on the big weather than hit Minneapolis and the surrounding areas on Wednesday. Christopher actually got to watch some of the tornadic action from his window on the 20-somethingth floor where he works in downtown Minneapolis. The storm, which did in fact spawn a twister, did some fairly large damage about a mile south of downtown, and Christopher saw things flying around as it went through. Most of us just got lots and lots of rain -- about 2" in the past two days. Very strange August... ** End stormy sidenote **

Oh. There is one problem with dunking and eating Oreos. It's almost impossible to dunk and blog at the same time. So... Yeah... You're on your own.

They forever go together, they're the perfect combination...

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