Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Travel Tuesday - The Bug

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you just have to get out of town? The feeling that you want to step out of your everyday life for a few days? Where you imagine shaking off your cares and woes for just a bit?

Sure, I'd love to win a (big) lottery jackpot - enough for Christopher and me to quit our jobs and travel the globe for years - but I don't entirely expect that to happen (hope - yes; expect - no). So when I'm watching a movie or something on TV and see the ruins at Petra, or get a cruise catalog for the Queen Mary II, or hear Christopher talk about Rapa Nui and have to ask him - again - what that place is called in English, I kind of set if off to dreaming.

But then there are those times when you can actually start to get a grasp on real travel. And it's amazing.

Take, for instance, the fact that I'll be driving home to visit my parents (everyone say 'hi' to my folks!) over Easter weekend. I'll probably be there for just about 38 hours, bookended by two 5.5-hour drives. And, of those 38 hours, I'll be asleep for about 18. But I know it'll be worth it. I'll be somewhere else for just a little while. Somewhere where I won't ponder the things I'll have to do at work the next day, or whether I should have done laundry.

We've started talking about how to maximize our shared vacation time for the year, too. Unfortunately, since Christopher gets almost 4 times as much time off as I do in a year, even if we plan carefully I know that he'll be out of town more than I am. And since one of the things that connects us is our love of travel, I (as much as I can) completely understand and support that (as long as he sends postcards).

Still, even with limited time, the possibilities for what we can do together are nearly endless.

Will we visit friends? Will we go somewhere on our own? Will we fly? Drive? Take a train? Can we see a show? Will I need to get new shoes before we go? Will it be somewhere new or a return? Sunscreen or a scarf? Dogfriendly, or will we need a dogsitter? Where will we go out to eat? When is the next lottery drawing?

Yep. I think that Spring Fever and the Travel Bug are both in full swing for me. Now if only I could also catch a jackpot.

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