Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday 'Splainin'

For the first weekend in a *really* long time, I barely turned on my computer this weekend.

It all started when I left work early on Friday because I was feeling a tad under the weather. When that turned into something that felt like full-on food poisoning on Friday afternoon/evening, I just never thought about going online.

Then, on Saturday, while trying to recuperate, I was also helping Christopher out as we were preparing to host some friends in the evening. I was online just long enough to make sure we didn't get any last-minute "regrets" emails, but shut it down just after that.

Today I really could have spent all day online. But, instead, I spent the day watching some bad TV, reading the newspaper, talking on the phone, and scratching the pup. I finally logged in about 9 o'clock tonight (after watching The Amazing Race), with the intent of clearing out what was in my inbox before the week started.

And, you know, I only had one personal email that I'd missed. Twenty-six in my spam folder, but only one that was actually to me. But I had missed out on a bunch of semi-news, and posts in a bunch of blogs I follow. (Which I'm sure is why all of you check out the online world daily, right?) (Don't answer that - unless you simply want to stroke my ego.)

And now it's time to log off and start prepping for the new week - which is apparently going to start with "seasonable" temps and rain. Which, frankly, is going to be really really weird. Kinda like nearly 48 hours without my computer.

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