Sunday, March 18, 2012

Media Morals

So, have you tried out the new ABC Sunday night snow "GCB," yet? (I talked about it last Sunday, here.)

It's a blend of soap opera and comedy and camp, and it's got a bunch of good looking sexually charged people.

And, during the last week, I saw some political pundit complaining about it, saying that it's an assault on Christianity and Christians.

My first thought on this was "Dude, it's a TV show." My second thought was "Obviously, you've never seen the show."

Then I realized that, just possibly, the show is hitting too close to home for his comfort. You see, the show's main characters spend an awfully lot of time in church, and quoting Bible verses, all while casting a whole lot of stones and aspersions.

Basically, the show is making fun of people who spend all their time saying that their Christians, while acting like anything but.

Perhaps if the politicos who are complaining took the time to watch the show, they'd realize that. Or, perhaps, they've already spent time looking at it and realized that they want the show to go away before too many more people realize which side of that coin they fall on.

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