Monday, March 19, 2012

Movie Monday - Crazy, Stupid, Love.

(Yes, that's the correct punctuation of the movie's title.)

Let's start out by putting all the cards on the table. This movie has Steve Carell possibly divorcing Julianne Moore and getting coached on wooing (or at least "sex-wrangling") by Ryan Gosling until he lands Marisa Tomei, all while his daughter Emma Stone deals with Josh Groban and an incredibly scene stealing friend (whose name I don't know), and his son (unknown) has a crush on his babysitter (unknown) who has a crush on Steve Carell.

Got all that?

The important things to know: Romantic Comedy with some Drama thrown in.

Steve Carell (comedic everyman) +
Julianne Moore (Drama - yes, capital "D") +
Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone (whoa, Nelly sexy - yet funny and kinda sweet) +
Marisa Tomei (romantic, comedic, dramatic, and - yeah - kinda nutso) +
a script that brings in the other characters =

A movie I should have paid money to see, but I'm really glad I at least saw via Netflix.

There is a plot in it, involving divorce and love and soulmates, but it's really kind of a "daily life" movie - assuming your daily life is always filled with all that stuff in the first real paragraph of this posting.

But the movie is just *so* good. You want to love and hate most of them all at the same time. You see yourself in them - or you want to see yourself in them - or you really hate that you see yourself in them - depending on which character and what part of the movie.

And there's this full-on apocalyptic melt-down that involves a mini-golf windmill which is just priceless. (And, yes, there's a scene that will make at least one of my Ryan Gosling-adoring friends very glad that we live in an age with DVD players with pause buttons...)

Overall score: A. It's probably an A+, but I would have liked to have seen Emma Stone's best friend more.

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