Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a Bunny, But...

Remember how, a year ago, I decided to make an Easter Bunny Cake? If not, you can read about it, here, or - heck - here's a picture of the finished product:

Well, over at Betty Crocker (which really is just "over there" for me - I mean... I could drive there in about 10 minutes), they're always looking for ways to make things more interesting.

There are bunny cupcakes. There are bunny cookies. And then there's... yes, you may have guessed, already...

(wait for it...)

the "Bunny Butt" cake:

I really have no words for that. Except that I think it's great - and only slightly demented - that they've sprinkled crushed chocolate cookies around the feet and carrots to indicate that the bunny has been digging.

And, okay, I'm holding off on some comments because, really, it's a "Bunny Butt" cake, which is kinda cute and really pretty fun to say.

**The recipe and decorating instructions can be found here.

Bunny Butt. :-)

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