Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Calm Before the After...

We are currently spending a very nicely relaxed evening at home after the festivities of the past 36 hours. 

We also, I must say, have had a very nice past 36 hours--Christmas Eve and Christmas were both quite enjoyable. We had what I would consider was a just-right mix of family and alone time, complete with sitting at home last night in front of the Christmas tree and the (TV-broadcast) yule log. 

We're not looking forward to the possible freezing precip (drizzle or rain or snow or a combo) tomorrow, but we've had two great weather days--including glorious sunshine on the snow while driving around today. And we can run any necessary errands on Saturday.

So I leave you to yourselves for the evening. Christopher and I are going to have a few more cookies and head for bed. 

Ahhh... Merry Christmas!

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