Monday, December 8, 2008

The Tree is Up!

Christopher and I spent yesterday putting up our new Christmas tree. Hurrah! 

And, yes, we have a brand new artificial tree, for one or more of the following reasons (you decide):

1) More Eco-friendly (we didn't have to deforest anything to get it, plus it will be around year-t0-year).
2) More Eco-nomical (if we use it one more year, it will more than pay for itself, in comparison to "live" trees at the current prices).
3) Less mess (no watering... no loose needles... no complaints).
4) It's a "narrow" tree so it actually fits our space (6.5-feet tall, but only about 2 feet across at the base).

We spent a bunch of yesterday putting it up. I was having a blast fluffing the branches (it was my first time!), but Christopher has done it before so he was a little less enthused. I wrapped the lights on it (I figured we could wrap and unwrap the lights each year for less than the difference in price between a "pre-lit" and "un-lit" tree), and then we went to town. 

We started with a brand new "Lady and the Tramp" ornament, which took pride of place in the front and center of the tree. And then I let Christopher go first, so we have all of his Hallmark Grinch, Snoopy, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, and Muppet ornaments up and nicely distributed around the tree. 

Then I started going through all of the boxes of ornaments I've been carrying around for years. There are crocheted snowflakes from a little old lady in my hometown. There is a blown glass "Campanile" from my alma mater of South Dakota State University. There's a whole bunch of Mickey Mouse-shaped silver "balls."

** sidenote ** Yes. We both hung a lot of memories on the tree, yesterday. But some things simply aren't made for blogging about. Take some time to look over your own ornaments and tell someone their stories, and you'll know what I mean. ** end sidenote **

Christopher walked through at one point while I was lying on the floor looking for the perfect place to put the next ornament, and just laughed. "Enjoying yourself?" was all he said. ("Yes, thank you!") 

In fact, as I continue to search for a job, I think I'm going to look around for a year-round Christmas tree decorator position. Or tree decorator AND baker of Christmas cookies. Hmmm... Where do you suppose you send an application to become an elf?

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