Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pre-Holiday Wrapping-Up

I have always held that the weeks preceding Christmas are much more fun than the day itself. I guess I thrive on the anticipation and the preparation, and have always been a little worried about having reality not live up to the expectations. And, yes, I fully admit that I feel that way in many areas of my life--not just at Christmas time.

With that in mind, I've got to say that the past few days have been really fun. We're still a week from Christmas, and my parents have been in town for about four days. We've gone out to dinner with some of Christopher's family. We've stayed in for full days reading and watching TV. We went to lunch at a cafe which is actually in a flower shop/greenhouse not far from home. We even did some last-minute shopping. And, yes, we've spent time in the kitchen while baking and talking.

Right now we're sitting in front of a 1950s movie musical from Netflix with the Christmas tree lighted, and then this evening we get to enjoy one more dinner before taking Mom and Dad to the airport. You see, Mom and Dad are heading for California tonight, off to spend Christmas with my sisters and their families. They'll be having a big Christmas with the grandkids, while Christopher and I spend the holiday with his family. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm definitely looking forward to the next week. We're hosting a very small Christmas party this weekend. I still have presents to wrap (yes. I consider that enjoyable). And Christmas with Christopher's family is always fun. But I have to admit that--in some ways--this past few days will be hard to beat.


Laura said...

I completely agree. My husband and I argue (humorously at this point--he knows I've won ;) ) every year about when to get the tree, etc. In his family you got the tree about 1 1/2 weeks before xmas and left it up til a little after New Year's--and the tree is all you really do. In my family, the tree comes up at Thanksgiving and the entire house gets turned over to the holidays, and you basically celebrate like mad until xmas morning--but then it all kind comes crashing down after the big xmas meal. I suppose his way has its merits, but I LOVE the weeks preceding xmas. I love the idea that whatever your normal life/decor/routine/etc is gets totally re-invented for a magical few weeks.

Which is why of course not getting into our house in time for xmas and not really decorating this year has left him un-phased but has me so bummed.

Robert said...

But, Laura, think how great NEXT Christmas will be! And your house is almost there, so at least the countdown is on!
(If your glass has to be half-full, it might as well be with spiked EggNog, right?)