Monday, January 12, 2009

"Death" Be Not Proud AND a John Barrowman Sighting

You know those movies you watch and really want them to be good? I watched one of those last weekend. It's called "Death at a Funeral" and it was recommended by a friend (although I can't remember who, actually, so I'm sorry if I offend anyone...), and I really wanted to like it.

It's got a basic British light-comedy-drama plot: Group of disparate folks all gather for an occasion. Something out of the ordinary happens. Mayhem and mirth ensue. All is right in the end. Only, in this case, the disparate group are all meeting for a funeral (you may have guessed that from the title). 

I really liked many of the people in the cast. There's that guy from "MI-5," and the strawberry-blond guy who dies in "Serenity," and the dude who goes off to America and meets all the girls in "Love, Actually," and there are a couple of women that you'd know if you saw them. Oh, and Peter Dinklage is in it, too, as the bit of "out of the ordinary" which happens.

And... Well... that's kind of how I felt about the movie. I was watching all of these people I've seen in other things, and thinking "Hmm... I never would have thought he'd look like that naked;" or "His hair looks funny that way;" and I never really got into the movie. 

Watch it if you need a light-hearted Brit-com to watch while balancing your checkbook? Sure. Invite any of these people to your own funeral? Not on your life (although... if you're dead...).


Now, on to the John Barrowman bit.

Remember how, in my "Riddle Me This" post, I commented that it seems to have been a long time since I had anything to say about John Barrowman? Well... I was watching TV the other night and heard a voice in a commercial on HGTV and thought "I think that was John Barrowman," but then the announcer went on and I didn't hear any more. About half an hour later, the same commercial rolled back through, and this time I paid attention. And--yep--it was John Barrowman. 

Apparently John Barrowman is going to be hosting a one-off show on HGTV called "Keys to the Castle," wherein he'll--again--apparently be showing off a bunch castles in France. There's not a ton of info on the HGTV website, but what there is is here.


So, how's that for a Monday post? Not only did you get your "Movie Monday" but also a John Barrowman sighting. I fear I may have peaked early this week...

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Just who is John Barroman?