Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good Snow, Bad Snow

Remember how, a few days ago, I commented that we in Minnesota know how to adapt quickly to changes in weather? I'm not sure if I adapted today, so much as changed my mind.

This morning I got up and was watching an amazing fluffy white snowfall outside the windows. It was one of those snows that is supposed to fall just before Christmas, and it was falling all around in the monochromatic world of our January morning.

Around noon, as the snow had mostly stopped, I went out and cleared the sidewalks. Since it was a light snow--and there wasn't much of it--I simply went out with a pushbroom and cleared it all. It was great. The sun was almost out and I was actually warm in my coat. People were walking dogs and saying hello from across the street. When I was done, I came in and admired my handiwork and then enjoyed the fact that the sun was coming out and everything would look great for Christopher's return home tomorrow afternoon.

Then I looked outside at about 2 o'clock. It was snowing again. Some large flakes, but mostly smaller ones (the ones that make for blizzards and are no good for snowmen). It snowed off and on for a couple of hours--not enough to be a real problem, but it didn't stop until after dark. I looked outside a little while ago and the entire driveway is covered in snow--as are all of the sidewalks. I'm waiting until tomorrow to see if I need to worry about them (it will depend upon how thawing the "January thaw" we're expecting this week is).

Which makes today a microcosm of winter in Minnesota: It starts out exciting and fun with pretty snow and a thrilling nip in the air. But by mid-winter snow is simply a frustration to be dealt with. So we learn to focus on spring when all of it goes away. 

Thus, as the wind changeth the direction of the snow, so changeth my opinion of that which bloweth. (Or something like that.)

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