Sunday, January 25, 2009


I seem to be writing about patience a lot, lately, in one form or another. 

There's been me apologizing for making you wait for me to post when my "daily" blogs aren't so daily.

There's been me talking about the idea that February is just a week away, that spring is just a couple of months a way, and that there might be a thaw sometime in there, too.

I've gone on about waiting for customer service. 

I've even talked about how odd it is to wait for a resume reply and/or acknowledgement (which may or may not ever come).

But this week I have found myself trying my best to be really really patient for one thing: Our orchid. 

When I wrote on Thursday that it was "almost open" I really thought it would be open by Friday. But Friday the largest of the buds was still completely green. Saturday, it started to lighten a little, but was still as tight as could be. When I came out into the living room today, I was sure it would be open, and it is. EXCEPT that it was just barely splitting open. 

All day today I've been watching as the first of this batch of buds has gone from just a crack open to being about one eighth of the way open, now. It seems to be gaining momentum, though, and I have high hopes that by tomorrow... or maybe Wednesday... it will be all the way open. 

Then I'll be able to focus my attention on the second bud, then the third, fourth, fifth... 

I figure that if I practice my patience in small doses like this, by the time they're all open it might actually be spring. Or, if not spring, then at least I won't have to be patient too much longer...

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Laura said...

You sound like me and my kaffir lime tree. First, it is clearly not in its native environment--either outside in the summer or especially inside in the winter here in Ohio (it is a tropical SE Asian plant). Second, it HATES being moved, and in addition to moving in and outside as the seasons change, what else do you think I have done the past 2 years repeatedly? All this winter I have been watching it anxiously, watering like crazy, trying not to fret over the leaves that fell.

Patience has been rewarded! 2 nights ago I realized it had a bazillion new shoots! Wee-hoo! And now they are all small-medium shoots, with more tiny ones on the way. Thai red curry here we come....