Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Who Is John Barrowman?

I found a comment on yesterday's post asking for clarification on who John Barrowman is (and, I suspect, that person also wants to know why I keep talking about him). Since it's always exciting to get responses to my postings, I decided to address that directly.

So... Here are some reasons why I find it fun to mention John Barrowman from time to time:

Photo image from CD art for "Another Side"

The easy answer is that John Barrowman is a Scottish-American-Scottish (he's moved back and forth) actor/singer/dancer who is probably currently best known in the States for roles on British television (on Dr. Who and Torchwood), but has also been on Broadway and London's West End in some big shows (like Sunset Boulevard and Anything Goes). He's also been in a few movies (including the Cole Porter bio-pic De-Lovely, and a very small featured role in The Producers).

He's also openly gay AND has played gay char
acters, as well as straight ones. His Torchwood character Captain Jack Harkness is a military man of mystery who is in command, flirtatious, and just happens to like relationships with men. (Oddly enough, it's fairly rare for gay actors to play gay roles. Frequently gay characters are played by straight actors who are "stretching their talents," while gay actors play the straight characters around them. Just look at Brokeback Mountain--one of the most powerful "gay" movies in years, where both leads were played by straight men.) 

On an even more personal level, it's fun to note that a few years ago Barrowman had a full wedding (errr... Civil Partnership) ceremony with his husband Scott (while wearing a kilt--not an important fact, but a fun one!). Just take a look at the photo below and you'll see why that day looks like it was a lot of fun--and the start of a great marriage.

Photo of Barrowman (in kilt), his husband Scott, and three of their Cocker Spaniels on their wedding day from "Out in Hollywood" website.

Christopher actually gave me Barrowman's autobiography (also named Anything Goes) last year for my birthday, and it was a fun read. Barrowman has had a pretty amazing life, and he sounds like someone who actually appreciates the life he's had--unlike what you read about a lot of the stars out there. Which is why I frequently mention that he and his partner seem like they would be good dinner guests. (There's a fairly short list of celebrities on that list, maybe we'll talk about them later.)

Finally, Barrowman also happens to be just a few months older than me. Again, this is a fact which really doesn't matter much, but makes me happy. After all, it's nice to see a "sex-symbol" type in the media who isn't at least a decade younger than me.

Oh. Since I'm using Barrowman's name and image a lot in this post, I figure I should also give him a little free advertising. He's got a new CD coming out, called Music Music Music (if I'm not mistaken it's currently out in Britain, but not due here in the States for a while). His official website is: www.JohnBarrowman.com .


Libby said...

Hee...I had been too embarrassed to ask you who he was (since I know we've probably discussed him before), but also too lazy to look him up on Wikipedia...so I love this post!

Laura said...

That first picture is smokin'!

He is easily the best thing about Torchwood.

Robert said...

I forgot to mention that he's doing a one-off on HGTV called "The Keys to the Castle - France" where he's hosting a look at some Castle B&Bs. Hope you can catch it!