Thursday, November 12, 2009

The People in my Neighborhood

** Starter Sidenote ** First things first. I feel I should mention that I pulled the lyrics for the Sesame Street themesong (posted on Monday) from a website. Although I knew them all when I saw them, and could work my way through them as soon as I had the first words of any line, I didn't know them all. ** End Starter Sidenote **

Speaking of such things, here are a few of the people (and "people") I remember from Sesame Street...

Sherlock Hemlock

Kermit the Frog as an on-the-spot reporter

Prairie Dawn (that's the name of the little blonde girl muppet)

Molly the Mail Lady (played by Charlotte Rae - she eventually became Mrs. Garret on The Facts of Life)

Mr. Hooper (I remember going back to watch the show when they dealt with his death. It was heart-wrenching)

Snuffalupagus (I even remember when he wasn't able to be seen by adults)

The Fix-It Shop (I don't know what it is, now, but it stopped being the Fix-It Shop a while ago)

Super Grover

Little Bird (Big Bird's cousin)

Gordon and Susan and Olivia and Maria and David and Bob and Linda

and, of course, Bert and Ernie and Big Bird and Oscar and Cookie Monster and Harry Monster...

Ah... What great friends!

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