Monday, April 13, 2009

A Little This... A Little That...

Welcome to another of the slightly-manic postings which I like to refer to as mini-posting. Hold on to your hats, and hear we go...

1) On Friday I posted about a blog event wherein people were asked to share their grandmothers' recipes. The full post which resulted can be found in today's edition of The Spiced Life. It's a wonderfully mixed bag of recipes and remembrances. If you get the chance, definitely check it out. 

2) I had my first "day" at my new job today. It only lasted a few hours because the person who was supposed to be training me was sick and hadn't had a chance to put any training materials together. It seems like it will be a good fit, though - at least for a part-time job. I'll keep you "posted."

3) Our irises and tulips are both popping up through the dirt outside in the garden. In the two areas which bloom first, there are shoots which are at least 4 inches tall. In other, less-sheltered, areas there are signs of a few sprouts. Combined with the newly-germinating marigolds on the windowsill in the basement, I really am starting to think that spring is here.

4) Easter was nice. There was way too much chocolate (can there be way too much chocolate?). There were decorated eggs. There was ham. And there were things hidden around the house which had to be found. It was a good day. 

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Laura said...

Thanks for the shout out--I missed this bc I was in Atlanta.