Saturday, April 18, 2009

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of... Spring?

The clock just chimed Noon (or... rather... it chimed 12, signifying Noon), and I'm still in my pj's. Of course, this being Saturday, that's not all that unheard of. 

My goal for today is to go out and begin mucking about in the yard, which I should probably get to before I become one with the couch. Unfortunately, it's a kind of strangely hazy day out. You know, the kind that usually come in the heat of the summer. And, consequently, I'm just not feeling the love of the sunny spring day. 

Or maybe the haze isn't to blame. Maybe it's because, yesterday, Christopher and I spent the morning helping a friend of ours take the 1950s awnings off of her prairie 4-square house. Four of us did most of the work, climbing up and down ladders and taking out bolts and caulking up holes and all. Christopher and I were even daring enough to climb up onto the front portion of the roof to remove the awnings on the second story windows. (Yeah. I don't know that I'll ever be thrilled with the whole "getting back on the ladder off of the roof" bit...) Consequently, though, I'm all sorts of achy this morning.

Even so, today it's time for the more down-to-earth adventures of clearing the leaves out of the rock beds, cleaning out the flower beds, and raking up the yard before our first -- predicted -- rain of the season (which is supposed to be happening tomorrow and Monday). After all, dry leaves and dust are much easier to deal with than wet leaves and slugs.

So I've done an on-line search to find out what I should (and shouldn't) do in "early spring" ( *sigh* it's already mid/late-April, but around here it's only "early" spring ), and I believe I am fully prepared. Or at least mostly prepared, with just a little haze around some edges. 

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