Friday, April 3, 2009

Things This Week Was Not

Friday night is a great time to look back on the week that just was and reflect on all that it... well... was. But tonight I find I'm more interested in what this week was not.

1) To begin with, it was not warm and spring-y. But, then, if you've been paying attention, you already knew that. For truth in advertising, however, I must admit that two days this week I went outside in a blazer without a scarf. Pretty amazing, hunh?

2) It was not the week in which I won the lottery. Of course, this was also not a week wherein I bought a lottery ticket, and I suspect that those two things may - in some way - be connected. 

3) This was not the week when I finally saw the movie "Slumdog Millionaire." It is, however, sitting on the shelf waiting for me, since for once my address was apparently at the top of the Netflix stack when they started sending out hot new movies. I hope to watch it this weekend. (Yes, of course I'll tell you what I think. As if you had to ask!)

4) This was not the week when I started a new springtime fitness routine. Although, with the longer and warmer days, it was the week when I started thinking about it. And that's a pretty major step for me.

5) In the past week I did not get to play in the garden. Trying to re-grade the slope of one of our downspouts does not count.

6) As we moved from March into April, I did not celebrate April Fool's Day by a massive prank of some kind or other. I think Mother Nature did well enough with that by making it snow like crazy as I was driving to a networking event at 6am. Yes. I left home to go to a meeting at 6 A. M. As in Ante-Meridian. As in "in the Morning." As in "I recognize this time of day, this is when Christopher goes off to work and I go back to sleep for an hour or two." And did I mention that it snowed that day? 

7) This was not the week when gay marriage became legal throughout the United States, but it did become legal in Iowa (of all places). There may, yet, be hope for the rest of the country. 

8) The orchid which bloomed oh-so-many blog posts ago did not drop its flowers this week, and it is still sitting in pride of place on the table. It really is beautiful, you know.

9) This was not the week when Christopher and I ran off to live in a penthouse apartment overlooking the Seine in Paris. Quite possibly that also has something to do with #2, above. 

10) Above all, I am quite happy to say that this week, overall, did not suck. And, you know, sometimes that's better than all the rest of it put together. 

I hope your week was mostly suck-free, too.

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